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Several students inspite of being bright had to drop out of school as the family could not afford the fees. Also several families face difficulties in admitting their children to the school inspite of wanting to do so as they are from lower economic strata. Every year approx..30 to 40 children are studying in Valmiki without paying their fees .The school will be using the donation provided by you for the education of these Children

Teach One

The total fee of student is rupees 11000/- that is rupees 30/- a day which takes care of all their expenses for the academic year including books, uniform, shoes-socks, annual picnic and annual function.


You can donate books/toys/educational materials in good condition to the school for benefit of students


Funds always help. The school needs computers, projectors, music system and other teaching aids.

Learning Disability

Many students in the school have learning disability and need special tutor. It is very difficult for the school to afford the salary of the special tutor. You can volunteer as a teacher or help us towards salary of a tutor - rupees 5000/- per month.