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Rishi Valmiki Eco School

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A healthy mind in a healthy body is the key to the all round development of a child . Triggered with a solemn promise , Rishi Valmiki Eco School imparts academics in an ingenuous scholastic method and orchestrates eco experiences that will result in a natural and integrated development of knowledge skill and thinking in a student.

  • School takes pride in its team of dedicated teachers who are trained , skilled , compassionate and empathetic , laying in their students the foundation of quality learning through all their academic years.
  • Limited number of students in each class withindividual attention to every student, their behavioral pattern and their overall growth
  • Extensive use of Innovative teaching through activity based studies using models and experiments.
  • The concept of 'LEARN TO UNDERSTAND NOT TO PASS EXAMS' is followed.
  • Education with an objective to mould a child into responsible and learned citizen.
  • Usage of updated modern technology like computers, projectors and other mediums to teach students.

Co Curricular Activities

The school religiously conducts co curricular activities that provide opportunities for students to work in teams , exercise , leadership and take initiatives.

The activities and physical sports like Ticondo that sharpen the mind and body , bring out the students from behind the desk as well as prepare them for self defence.

Dance and dramatics are an integral part of the co-curricular activities

The annual function takes the spot light for the enthusiastic children who use this platform to showcase their talent with a social message

Vocational Course

A special mention to the service that the school does is have vocational courses like the MUSIC EDITING, DTP and various computer courses that the specially underprivileged class of society can avail of. Many other social plans are in the pipeline that will evolve such students and their families too.